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The smart way to manage emergencies

Introducing Activate.

The Smart Way to Manage Emergencies

We all know that when the pressure is on, paper-based plans are less effective. They are also hard to maintain, becoming almost irrelevant when it matters the most. We’ve used our years of experience delivering tried and tested emergency management to create Activate a true industry game changer. Make the switch today.


Faster and more coordinated response to emergencies from any mobile device.

Greater control of the situation through increased visibility of what is happening where.

Effective communications to your key stakeholders when it matters most.

Simplified management of all program and compliance requirements via the online portal.

Meeting all requirements of Australian Standard 3745:2010 Planning for Emergencies in Facilities.


Activate has been specifically developed to help you meet the requirements of Australian Standard 3745:2010 Planning for Emergencies in Facilities and more importantly, save lives in the event of an emergency.


Online Portal

The online portal will enable organisations to manage each site’s critical information, manage warden teams, conduct site based risk assessments, access and print your ERPs, review and schedule training and access your training records and reports.

Mobile App

This app will enable organisations to initiate emergency events, activate your warden teams, track responses & tasks, monitor and manage work areas and assembly points while communicating and reporting during the event.

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The First Choice In Emergency Management

FirstAction is a leading provider for emergency management solutions and trusted partner for hundreds of organisations throughout Australia and New Zealand. We provide dynamic training and technology solutions that provide the means to quickly and safely deal with any emergency situation, and ensure ongoing regulatory compliance. Simply, we empower you to save lives.


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